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AiEMA - PCBA Manufacturing Simulation Analysis SaaS Platform
Help to verify product quickly, reduce at least one prototyping cycle, accelerate your product to market
3D Gerber automated modeling including models and pattern data, assembly simulation, what you see is what you get.
  •  Support over 30 Gerber file formats of EDA/Gerber tool software
  •  Up to 40 layers of PCB automated modeling
  •  Support bare board analysis, copper layer/solder mask/silkscreen, etc.
  •  Support PCB/PCBA assembly simulation, exploded-view
  •  Support Measurement, Rotate/Translate/Perspective operations
  •  Automatically identify 60 million parts' package pad/3D model data
(Support Gerber, Place and Pick, BOM files in multiple formats)
AI algorithm based on 200 million components, quickly identify part number, Passive Component automatic selection from specifications.
  •  15s complete BOM analysis, intelligent recommend parts
  •  60 million part models/specifications/packages/datasheets
  •  AI recommend passive parts, resistors/capacitors/inductors etc.
  •  10 million chips/active devices alternative recommended
  •  Component life cycle, risk warning of obsolete/shortage
  •  30+ BOM material standardization and abnormal warning
IPC standard assembly process requirements, 200+ designs rule check, increased 50% success rate of prototyping
  •  1200+ IPC standard DFM check, expose design hazard
  •  Inspection of part's package pad/polarity/shape/empty paste etc.
  •  Automatically locate parts designator, coordinates, risk type
  •  Provide detailed risk description and avoidance suggestions
  •  Supports replacement of parts & alignment of designator offsets
  •  Support custom check rules library to meet the specific requirements
One-click sharing of projects, remote collaboration
Share projects with development team or PCB/SMT engineers, real time synchronize change records, improve team work efficiency
  •  Project sharing, remote collaboration and seamless communication
  •  Project encryption and authorized access, protect project data security
  •  Project visitor permission setting and operation permission configuration
  •  Cloud based security, real time synchronization updating project changes
  •  Support mobile phone, tablet device, PC access, view anytime, anywhere
AiEMA - PCBA Manufacturing Simulation Analysis SaaS Platform