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BOM Management Tool

BOM Management Tool is an advanced intelligent software based on FindIC component 200 million device database and AI algorithm. It can accurately identify BOM requirements and quickly match device models. In addition, it also supports datasheet download, cost accounting, alternative selection, risk aversion and more.

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Drag the BOM file to this box, or click the button to upload the file ; Supports Excel file compatible formats(*.xlsx, *.xls, *.csv)

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BOM intelligent selection, recommended alternative parts

· 15s complete BOM analysis, intelligent recommend parts, reduce potential risks.
· 60 million part models/specifications/packages/datasheets

Multi-dimensional information, assist design and selection

· Provide 60 million part models / specifications / Datasheets
· Procide diagrams of part symbol, package size, pad, reference pad etc.
· Provide part 3D models, Procide 60 million part models / specifications / Datasheets.

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