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PCB Assembled DFM Analysis

IPC standard DFM check, expose design hazard, increased

Inspection of part's package pad/polarity/shape/empty paste etc.

Quickly grasp risk details
We have 3D modeling technology to help you view risks of parts and PCB pads in a 360° all-round way.
We can quickly locate the tag number, coordinates, and risk location of the target part.
We provide detailed risk descriptions.
We support one-click viewing of part package specifications/reference pads/technical parameters to help you avoid risks.
Professional solutions to help you avoid PBCassembly risks
Avoidance advice
We provide professional avoidance suggestions to help engineers efficiently correct design problems.
Correcting Coordinate Offset
We support one-click correction of coordinate offset problems. You can quickly correct the placement position coordinates of the part.
Adjust placement data online
You can adjust the position, angle, veneer, etc. of the part placement online.
Smart Recommend Alternatives
We support searching for replacement parts. In addition, we can intelligently compare device differences and recommend alternatives.