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About AiEMA
AiEMA helps electronic engineers and electronic product R&D enterprises to pre inspect PCB/PCBA design hazards and improve the success rate of product prototypes.
Who we are
AiPCBA Intelligent Manufacturing Technology Co., Ltd. is an innovative technology company integrating Internet big data, artificial intelligence and intelligent manufacturing. At present, we are in the leading position in the field of electronic element big data artificial intelligence application. We have more than 100 patents, soft books and other intellectual property rights, and have obtained the national high-tech enterprise certification. We insist on technology driven services, big data AI driven intelligent manufacturing, and provide digital intelligent flexible manufacturing and supply chain services for the electronic industry.
AiEMA, 百芯EMA,which we independently developed, is the first online PCBA simulation manufacturing verification platform. From EDA design data to PCBA sample verification stage, AiMEA provides electronic engineers with 3D simulation of electronic products and DFM manufacturability analysis services.
We are devoted to providing high-quality services
To be the most valuable service platform for the electronic industry chain
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IT team: support@aiema.com
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PM: winnie@aiema.com
Company Address
226, Block 2, Xinghui Yech. Innovation park, Yu’an Secong Road, Bao’an District, 518013, ShenZhen, China
Our core tools
  • · 15s complete BOM analysis.
  • · Identify material requirements accurately.
  • · Match the part number precisely.
  • · Component life cycle, risk warning of obsolete/shortage.
  • · Parse the Gerber file to create PCB 3D models.
  • · Create part models and pad data intelligently.
  • · Obtain PCB/PCBA 3D simulation model.
  • · What you see is what you get.
  • What can AiEMA do for you
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    BOM Matching
    Product visualization
    30秒建立PCB/PCBA 3D成品模型,所见即所得,减少1-2轮打样测试周期
    Avoid design risks
    Project collaboration
    Our core strengths
    AiEMA - PCBA Manufacturing Simulation Analysis SaaS Platform
    Help to verify product quickly, reduce at least one prototyping cycle, accelerate your product to market