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PCB/PCBA 3D Simulation
  •  Quick Modeling in 15 Seconds
  •  Support over 30 Gerber file formats of EDA/Gerber tool software
  •  Up to 40 layers of PCB automated modeling
  •  Automatically identify 60 million parts' package pad/3D model data
  •  1200+ IPC standard DFM check, expose design hazard
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    After you upload Gerber, BOM, PnP files, the system will automatically parse the files and create models. You will get a PCB/PCBA 3D simulation model.
    Using PCB/PCBA 3D simulation tool, you can get
    PCB/PCBA production products
    Intelligent analysis of production files, 3D modeling to generate PCB/PCBA simulation board
    PCB/PCBA production issues
    Pre-check files, PCB layout, device selection, device interference, production process issues
    Quickly correct
    production problems
    Easily adjust the device angle, coordinates, and veneer, and intelligently recommend similar models
    Introduction to basic functions
    Automatic analysis to create PCB/PCBA 3D models
    View parts' SKU, Datasheet, specifications, and more
    Provides data such as device model, outline, contacts, reference pads, etc.
    One-click correction of device coordinate offset
    Edit mounting coordinates, angles, etc. online, and export real-time production data
    Complete 3D view operation function
    Technical Features of AiEMA
    100 million Global Electronic Component Big-Data
  • 60 million standard package pad/shape/3D model data for parts
  • 200 million device SKU data, providing real-time price, delivery, inventory information
  • 1200+ PCB assembly DFM rules
  • The world's leading Gerber parsing technology
  • 15 seconds rapid modeling
  • Supports more than 30 Gerber file formats for EDA/Gerber tools
  • Supports automatic modeling of 40-layer PCB circuit boards